Papalina Frequently Asked Questions

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- Do you ship worldwide?

Papalina creative workshop Original Ice Stamp

Yes, we ship worldwide from Greece.

- Do you accept returns?

Most of our products are customized. For those products we can’t accept returns, but we will be very happy to try to fix any problem you may have with your product.

- How can I order a customized product?

- Is there wholesale availability?

Yes. Many companies have chosen our products as corporate gifts or need more than one pieces. In those cases, different pricelists occur.

- How long is your delivery?

From the date we confirm your order we need about 10 working days to deliver and about 2-3 working days for it to arrive at your hands by the delivery company. Don’t forget each piece is unique.

- Gift wrapping and packaging?

Of course! See carefully the photos or ask to send you one

- Sizing details

At the information section for every product, there is a fully detailed sizes information

- Care instructions

Our Ice Stamps need no special care. A simple cloth is enough. The metal base is from a special alloy and the water has no effect on it.

- Do you have intra-community transactions available?

Yes, if you have a company based out of Greece in E.E and a registered VAT number, we can exclude a 24% from the retailed price, since we don’t have this obligation to each other.

- Why you don't accept returns

We always double-check all our products. All the details are 100% accurate at the information given.
Since you want to order a custom made ice stamp with your logo, first you will receive a pre-form with detailed information and your logo as will be on the stamp. As you can imagine there can’t be a return for a custom made item just for you.
But we always want to keep our customers happy. We are sure that you’ll be 100% satisfied and if not, we can always find the best solution to keep you!

- No Heat needed? how is that possible?

This is the most FAQ we meet in the Athens Bar Show 2019 when we officially launched our Original Ice Stamp project for the first time ever.
Professionals and bar owners from all over the world met out products and saw how this “magic” happens on their own hands!
Even in heavy-duty uses as may happen at a signature cocktail bar, or a special corporate event, or at a wedding reception, the ice stamp can deliver mark on the ice every 5-6 seconds without gaps or emerging the stamp at hot water, without force any extra pressure!

- Is it Food Safe?

We use a special aluminum alloy, anodized at the final step. All the above make our product food safe.
Please give attention to this feature since you are willing to use this product for professional reasons, and not for personal and occasional purposes.

- Postage method

We always deliver with DHL courier, with tracking number.

- Postage cost

In every preform you will see in detail all the postage expenses. Any custom fees may occur is your responsibility, please ask your country custom service if you are outside E.E for any extra cost.

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