About Us

Our History

ΠaΠalina ( papalina ) Workshop was founded in March 2019 in Athens Greece. Our creative Workshop focuses on unique branding objects but it doesn’t stop there: we create everyday life objects and tools that are innovative and stand out for their usability and aesthetics. Whether you are a professional or a design lover, papalina is your go-to place…
We got our name from a specific type of (or kind of) sardine that grows in Kalloni Bay, Lesvos Island.

Why us

At papalina we believe that every object must be optimally designed to combine ergonomy, functionality and unique style. Everything, from the project design to the handcrafted finishing and packaging are in total alignment with our core values: sustainability, credibility and respect for the environment and human.
At Papalina we create things we wish they existed…

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